Have you ever considered where the top or pants you’re wearing was made? Despite our increasingly globalized world, the distance between maker and user seems to only get bigger. And we don’t mean the brand name, but rather the workers who stitched together your clothing for a tremendously small wage. Women make up the bulk of these workers yet few factories are owned or managed by women themselves.

 We aim to support these women, as well as their families, and all the children who have been impacted by the fashion industry. While we represent great design, promoting awareness and being socially and environmentally responsible is at the core of what we’ve set out to do. And rather than great design and style coming at the expense of these goals, we feel they truly come as a result.

 We bring to our customers hand selected pieces that represent the culture they come from, all while being ethically and sustainably made. Local production, fair trade, social awareness and sustainability are the 4 pillars that lie at the heart of our ethos — balancing out great style and design with our responsibility to live out our ethical values.